Sustainability and CSR

Why Abottle?

An estimated total of 12 million tons of garbage reach the seas and oceans every year. Micro and macro plastics are particularly harmful, wreaking havoc on marine species, the health of our oceans, and the sustainability of our planet.

A plastic bottle can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

At Abottle, we believe that hydration should not be one of the main causes of pollution for the environment. That is why we work hard every day on creating a reusable and recyclable product that is practical and stylish, and that easily adapts to the normal daily life of our customers. We guarantee that our bottles take care both of you and the environment.

Abottle was created with the aim of bringing sustainability and innovation together in one simple product which allows our customers to contribute to a more sustainable world through responsible consumption choices. Our commitment to the environment is built into the DNA of our company and and we work every day to show that taking care of it is the responsibility of everyone.

This is why we manufacture high-quality reusable and 100% recyclable packaging to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Our main raw material is aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and which we combine with new alloys to reduce the thickness of the walls of our cans and bottles and also lower the weight of aluminum to make our bottles even more sustainable.


Our commitment to the environment goes beyond our creation of a completely environmentally-friendly and recyclable product. At Abottle, we are faithful to our values ​​and principles and we work every day to make our business sustainable as we believe that small gestures can change the world.

Ways in which we work to reduce our carbon footprint:

We use environmentally-friendly packaging (Kraft paper, recycled cardboard, reused pallets, and returnable dividers).

We get all of our employees and partners involved by encouraging the use of more recyclable materials in our offices and workplaces

Our production process uses electricity from renewable energy sources.

We optimize our use of trucks to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure more sustainable transport.

Our company values:







Would you like to join us in our fight for a better and more sustainable world?

ISO 9001: Certification of the quality system and control of all production stages.

ISO 14000: Environmental measures integrated into all processes.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration): Approval of all interior varnishes for food contact. Bisphenol A (BPA) * free.

NERHING: The most demanding German laboratories have also certified our varnishes.

*BPA/Bisfenol: It is an organic compound that many plastics contain and is harmful to humans.

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